Why You Shouldn’t Get A New AC This Summer

Are you planning to get a new air conditioner for your home this summer? If so, you should think twice before making that purchase. Ellis County Climate Control has been providing AC services in Waxahachie for many years, and we know from experience why getting a new AC may not be the best alternative for you.

Instead of buying a brand-new unit right away, consider other options, such as repairing or replacing specific parts of your existing system. This could save you money while keeping your home cool throughout the hot Texas summer months.

At EC3 Air Conditioning & Heating Services, we understand how important it is to keep your homes comfortable during any season – especially during those sweltering summer days. Our technicians are here to provide top-of-the-line AC repair service in Waxahachie, TX. We use only high-quality replacement parts and materials, so you can have peace of mind knowing that all work performed will last for many summers.

Regular Upkeeps To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Top Condition

Keeping your AC unit in top condition is essential for a comfortable and relaxed indoor environment. Regular upkeep and maintenance not only ensure optimal performance but also extend the lifespan of your AC unit. Some important maintenance tips to keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently:

Clean or Replace Air Filters:

Air filters help trap dust, allergens, and other particles, preventing them from moving into your home. Over time, these filters can become clogged, hindering airflow and reducing the AC’s efficiency. It’s important to clean or replace your air filters every three months, depending on usage. This simple task improves indoor air quality and helps your AC system work more effectively.

Clear the Condenser Unit:

The condenser unit, typically located outside, can collect dirt, leaves, and debris. This accumulation restricts airflow and reduces the AC’s efficiency. Inspect and clear any debris around the condenser unit to ensure proper functioning. Gently hose down the exterior and remove any obstructions. Keep plants or other objects at least two feet from the team to allow adequate airflow.

Check and Clean the Evaporator Coil:

The evaporator coil in your AC absorbs heat from the indoor air. Over time, it can accumulate dirt and dust, hindering heat transfer and reducing cooling efficiency. Inspect the coil periodically and clean it if necessary. You can use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove debris gently. If the ring is soiled, consider hiring our professional technicians for AC service in Waxahachie, TX.

Inspect and Clean the Drainage Line:

The drainage line removes condensation from the AC unit. Over time, it can become obstructed with dirt, algae, or debris, leading to water leaks and potential damage. Regularly inspect the drainage line and ensure it’s clear of obstructions. If you notice any clog or water leakage signals, flush the tube with bleach or water or contact a professional.

A well-maintained AC system provides cool and comfortable indoor air and saves you money in the long run. So, make these regular upkeep tasks a part of your routine to enjoy the benefits of a well-functioning air conditioner all year round. However, if you require an AC installation in Waxahachie, TX, contact EC3 Air Conditioning & Heating Services for a hassle-free experience. Our licensed technicians will ensure your new AC system is installed correctly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more!