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low cost AC repairAt EC3, we offer custom service agreements to ensure your commercial refrigeration equipment is always running at its highest possible efficiency. We can provide plans that include regular inspections of your Commercial HVAC. This inspection is very thorough and in depth. We at EC3 will check electrical component ranging from contactors, transformers, circuit boards, relays, high voltage, low voltage, capacitors, and even test compressors to identify weakness. We will also inspect and clean condenser coils and evaporator coils. Maintaining clean Coils is often overlooked and underestimated in importance. Changing filters regularly is the best way to maintain your commercial grade evaporator coil. To fore go changing a filter can result in costly service calls that require it to be pulled and cleaned with a commercial acid wash. This is why we provide the service of changing filters for those who are on our custom service agreements. These filters are often locate on rooftops in package units or in places not so conveniently reached. Here at EC3 we also provide superior service for any commercial need available. From refrigerated water fountains, reach in coolers, rooftop HVAC units, to any other small-refrigerated appliance in use to date. Our goal at EC3 is to provide a superior service at reasonable cost. Commercial HVAC can be very costly; therefore it is our focus to provide a service will ensure satisfaction.

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is a very different setting that of a residential setting. The equipment is usually subject much longer run time and much harsher environments. Whether it’s a package unit or a split system, the pieces of commercial grade equipment are usually located on rooftops, or tight confined places, which are considerably harsher than a typical residential setting. These settings increase wear and tear on commercial systems, combined with the increased runtime in most instances. This can wreak havoc on a commercial compressor. This is why it is very important to find a commercial HVAC company to regularly service and maintain your commercial grade equipment.

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Marsha W. On 10.26.2017

Repairman Nick came out to service AC and actually need some repair due to bad install for unit. I have received the most courteous, professional and a very fair quote on work needed to be done. He had…

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