My AC Is Not Cooling

My AC Is Not Cooling

If you’ve ever walked into our home or business and thought, “My AC is Not Cooling” then it’s time to contact Ellis County Climate Control. We are proudly located in beautiful Waxahachie, Texas, and service all throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. Many Common Air Conditioner Problems we will resolve for you! Everyone knows that summertime in Texas can be dangerous for the elderly, children and pets. Keeping your home or business cool during this time is crucial. You can contact Ellis County Climate Control in emergency cases and we will come out to see what the issues are. Once our technician has determined the cause of your system not keeping things cool we will give you all your options to get your system back in working condition.

Call us when you notice these signs of problems:

  1. Blows warm air
  2. Poor air flow
  3. Making Noises
  4. Thermostat Issues
  5. Moldy or mildew odors
  6. Home feels humid
  7. Repairs are being made frequently
  8. Noticeable leaks
  9. Higher than usual energy bills
  10. Unit or system is more than 10 years old
Heater Won’t Turn On

Did you know Ellis County Climate Control offers a Free Estimate? We do this so that you can make an informed decision on a large piece of equipment for your home. If you think you may need financial assistance we also have a Financing App to help you so that you aren’t straining your budget.

Once your system has been repaired or replaced it would be wise to set up a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. This will ensure that your AC system will have a much longer lifespan. By letting a technician come out and give your system regular maintenance throughout the year your system will work at its peak performance level.

Contact us at Ellis County Climate Control today, especially if you are having an emergency. We will gladly diagnose any issues and help get you cooled off!