Heat Pump Not Working: Know The Reasons And Ways To Fix

A heat pump is an effective heating system. However, they tend to have more wear and tear due to almost non-stop usage. Search for heat pump repairs in Waxahachie, TX if your equipment is having issues.

Reasons why your heat pump is not working and six issues & ways to fix it.

The heat pump is constantly running.
If your heating system is always running at maximum speed, it could be the main reason behind rising energy costs. There are several possibilities for why your heat pump is always running.

  • Incorrect thermostat settings: If you place your thermostat to a too-high or low temperature, your heating system must continuously run to keep the temperature you set.
  • Dirty air filters: It is recommended to clean your air filters every two weeks and replace them once every 3-4 months. Schedule heater repair in the Waxahachie area if you need assistance. 

The heat pump is short cycling.
Short cycling occurs when the heat pump shuts off shortly after turning on. There are several potential causes of short cycling requiring heat pump repair: 

  • Overheating system: If you’re using dirty air filters, they could block airflow, causing your heating system to overheat. If you keep running it, you might require heater replacement in the Waxahachie area sooner than expected.
  • Incorrectly calibrated thermostat: If your thermostat gives an inaccurate reading, your heating system will need to be kept on and off to reach the desired temperature. Calibrate the thermostat at the right temperature.

Weird smells
The smell is among the best ways to find out about any issues. Here are a rare of the most common bases why your heat pump may smell weird:

  • Mold growth: If you notice something musty, you likely have the presence of mold inside the heat pump or on the walls surrounding it. You’ll require professional assistance for heater repair in the Waxahachie area.
  • Animal infiltration: The decaying smell from the system may suggest animal infiltration. Call a professional in heater replacement in the Waxahachie area to cover it up for you.
  • Electrical issues: Don’t ignore a burning smell. Switch off your circuit breakers immediately and call an HVAC expert.

The heat pump is not cooling.
Take a look at these possible causes of why your heat pump isn’t cooling and what you can do.

  • The outdoor unit is blocked: When your unit’s outdoor area is covered with debris or is blocked by trees or branches, it cannot efficiently expel hot air out. Make sure to clean your outdoor unit area to avoid blockage regularly.
  • Incorrectly sized unit: If your heating system isn’t big enough, it won’t be capable of cooling your entire home efficiently. 


The heat pump doesn’t switch from heat to cool mode or vice versa.
If you’re having difficulty changing from heat mode to cool mode and the reverse, it may be a problem with the reverse valve.

The unit is leaking liquid.
Do not ignore a heat pump that leaks liquid. In addition to causing decay, the stagnant water in your heat pump could also result in electrical harm. Here are a few most common causes why your heat pump could be leaking liquid:

  • Refrigerant leak: If you’ve got an issue with refrigerant and ice builds up over the evaporator coils, which can reduce the performance of your heating system. 
  • The drain line is clogged: If it is blocked, it could overflow water. You can either unblock it on your own or call an expert.

Regular tune-ups are essential to keep your heater in top shape. It’s best to address the issue before it becomes unmanageable. Call Ellis County Climate Control LLC at 972-937-3204 or send us an email for heat pump replacement in Waxahachie.