Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC 

Ellis County Climate Control wants to make sure your business is saving the most by making sure your HVAC is working properly. Maintaining a functioning A/C can ensure your electric bills are not exuberant. Making sure your A/C is working properly is essential for keeping employees and customers comfortable and making sure your business stays comfortable as well. Be sure and ask your technician about creating a maintenance schedule with Ellis County Climate Control to ensure your HVAC is working properly before you acquire more costly repairs. 

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you may need to finance your AC repairs. There is no need to worry, because here at Ellis County Climate Control we offer you a Financing App so that you will be able to get those repairs done right away! We truly want to help you as much as we can.  

Our goal is to ensure your health and safety in this Texas summer heat. It is extremely important that you ensure the health of your customers and employees by maintaining your HVAC. These individuals could suffer most when we hit those triple digits on bad ozone days. Don’t take a chance.  Once we have repaired your AC unit we recommend keeping a maintenance schedule with Ellis County Climate Control. This will keep everything in good working condition and catch any possible issues in the future.commercial HVAC  

We have a large Service Area and are readily available to assist you in an emergency or non-emergency. If your system has completely stopped cooling Contact Us today. A technician will get with you and set something up right away.   

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