Commercial AC Replacement 

Ellis County Climate Control is the place to go when your business gets hot. Texas DFW Temperatures can be brutal, especially for commercial buildings. No-one wants their employees to work in an uncomfortable environment so when your AC stops working properly we’re the company to call. We know AC repair can be a huge inconvenience but we strive to make your repair as easy as possible from start to finish. Ellis County Climate Control also strives to keep pricing honest and fair! Here is a great site with tips about how to keeping your AC units running smooth.

Texas Heat 

Texas businesses know how costly repairs can be on larger A/C equipment. It is important to keep your A/C Tune-Ups regularly to make sure it is always running the way it should. There are several things that can go wrong if your businesses A/C units are’nt checked properly.  

  • A/C blowing hot air. This can be from many things including debris and things clogging the A/C filter. Make sure your filters are changed when they are supposed to be to prevent such issues. 
  • High Electric bills. This can be directly linked to a faulty A/C. If your unit isn’t running properly and seems to always be running there could be an underlying issue that needs to be checked. 
  • Water marks on ceiling. This can be from a leaking drain pan which needs to be checked immediately. If not handled properly you could have a major issue as well as the risk of mold and mildew growth. 

Here is a list of other Common AC Problems. Keeping your A/C unit serviced will ensure that your unit is running properly all summer long. We also will make sure that your employee’s air quality is safe and comfortable. Let us help you save on your energy bills and stop costly repairs before they happen. 

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Service Area 

You can check on our site to see our Service Area. We also offer Financing if you need it. Don’t wait until your needing a brand new unit, make sure you get your A/C maintained regularly to fix repairs as needed before something goes wrong. We can do it all from Coil cleaning services to filter changes and Instillation. Contact Us today to set up a visit so we can show you how you can start saving on your company energy bill.  

Our Company 

We offer residential and commercial A/C repair. We offer Financing and Free Estimates. Ellis County Climate Control strives to keep costs at a minimum. We also want to make sure you are getting the best out of your A/C unit. We will check energy efficiency and air quality. We offer several services to help benefit your business. When the Texas DFW Temperature gets high make sure you are ready and Call EC3 and get in front of any issues before they start! 

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